Eastover Business Journal is a one-stop-shop for financial news, covering the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond — our staff consists of experienced journalists and financial analysts dedicated to bringing you breaking news alerts on the stories that matter most to the financial and investor community.

From mergers and acquisitions, to cutting edge start ups, and pharmaceutical break-throughs – our stories filter through the stories that our institutional and individual investors crave. Whether you’re looking for information to help you make sound financial decisions, or you’re a hot shot business analyst, look no further than the Eastover Business Journal for the world’s leading briefs, headlines, and stories to help put your portfolio on the right track.

Careers in the financial journalism world are growing fast and our company is a leader in providing jobs to experienced journalists and writers across the globe. Our staff consists of a variety of English major graduates, biopharm students, retired Wall Street analysts, and more. Our jobs range from part time to full time and cater to people who are comfortable working from their home office, and flexible with working hours. Contact us today for more information on employment opportunities.

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